• Global Auto Tracking of Target Customer
  • Marketing tool with highest ROI
  • Let Valuable Customers Knock Your Door
  • Crack the Chinese Market
  • Achieve Online Marketing Automation

Google Display Network is the perfect tool to track your target customers around the globe!

We offer one-stop service which includes but unlimited to design animation, image display ads, define the target users, develop marketing strategies, ad campaign operations, ad effectiveness analysis, basically all tactics to optimize your ad set! As our client, you can manage the entire promotion process without taking much effort yourself, as well as benefited from the maximized promotion effect with the aid of our unique automated website promotion tool.

Over 2 million website partners globally can see your ads anytime


Marketing tool to target customers with the most potentials


Powerful re-marketing tool to track potential customers who showed interest


No charge when no click: more effective use of advertising costs




Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone not suitable to this service?
Google Network Displays aims to draw customer's attention while they are browsing on a random website. Thus it is more suitable for the ads which are straightforward and eye-catching enough to convey a clear message to the customer. If your product is a sophisticated and new one, the ads would most-likely involve too rich information. In this case, it is better to use other promotion tools.

How long would it take effect after placing an ad?
Basically, you will experience the benefit on the 4th month after three months of analysis and refinement.

Looking for marketing tool with the highest return? ......
E-mail marketing is what you want!

Most people may think that social media is more effective than email marketing. But in fact email marketing is highest ROI marketing tool. The rationale behind lies in the relative low cost of sending mass email, in comparison with other online and offline marketing tools. The cost advantages allow your business to connect with huge volume of potentials customers in low cost and the winning strategies are:

Improve open rate


Effectively target your potential customers


Email Marketing Automation


To avoid being filtered as spam email



Frequently Asked Questions

Could you advice some online platforms for collaboration?
Sure! Tell us more about your business so we can suggest suitable platforms.

My campaign is holding on XX/XX/20XX, when should I sent out promotions?
We would suggest AT LEAST 2 weeks before the event.

With Google Advanced Search, the most valuable clients send themselves to your doorsteps!

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

Users show their interests towards specific product when they search it on Google. That's why Google Advanced Search usually has the highest conversion rate among all online marketing tools. If your product can provide a solution to problems faced by people, it is more likely searched by more users.

We provide one-stop solution from setting keywords, targeting potential clients, creating slogans for specific keywords, analyzing effectivenesses to optimizing campaigns. Detailed monthly report will be directly sent to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone not suitable to this service?
Google Advanced Search is driven by users' search action and if they do not know about our product, e.g. it's a new technology, they will never search the keyword.

How long would it take effect after placing an ad?
Basically, you will experience the benefit on the 4th month after three months of analysis and refinement.

Crack the Chinese market with your official WeChat account!

WeChat, the most popular social platform for mainland China with around 438 million active users. However, due to mainland China policy is more complex, it is hard for individuals to apply an official account via WeChat , the process will be cumbersome or even fail . We provide the solutions to build official account for you and years of market experiences, maximize social media resources, so that your product can be smoothly sold into the mainland Chinese market.

We provide complete solutions for WeChat in different sectors :

  • The platform settings (including the opening of platform , set auto-reply )
  • The official WeChat website development (including company introduction, news , products, contact information)
  • The platform event planning and development (including sweepstakes, coupons, scratch cards, buy, vote, etc.)
  • The WeChat shopping Mall development (including store design , membership systems, online ordering, online payment , etc.)
  • Support the development of WeChat platform

  • Personalized, Concretized, Automized, Marketing Automation seamlessly capture your business opportunities

    Imagine, millions of online customers. Is it possible for you to analyze their data, evaluate their status (new visitor? ready to buy? return customer?), estimate their buying habits and send them personalized messages and offers? It is now the world of automation!

    Personalized, Concretized, Automized —— The most powerful online marketing flow

    24/7 Engagement and sales


    Retain communications & mindshare with newsletters


    Outreach Extended with SMS


    Personalized notifications


    Email deliverability


    Detailed marketing analysis