Our Vision

We aim to be the leading one-stop online solution provider offering e-commerce solution development, website design, system customization, online marketing (from concept to launch), business consultancy and so on in order to help businesses to go online without having to deal with numerous vendors.

Our 5-year Mission

We want to grow with our clients. We wish to take challenges. In 2014, we launched our new 5-year plan and this year, we aim at assisting 10 enterprises who are new to the e-commerce world to achieve HK$100,000 monthly turnover on their online platform.

Our SMARK Values

- Stupid -
We like talents. But we love stupid fools who are eager to learn and improve.

- Multi-perspective -
We come across different projects and face different challenges, and we have various solutions for every single one of them.

- Action -
Thinking is great. Dreaming is great. Discussing is great. But doing, is the greatest.

- Responsible -
We make decisions, sometimes they are great but sometimes they may not be, and we are responsible for the results of both sides.

- Kiss! -
We kiss our work just as kissing our loved ones, because we love our work as much.