• Walk with Me / Mobile Application
  • Mannings / CRM System
  • 7-Eleven / CRM System
  • (ISC)2 / Google Adwords
  • Care Your Building / Thematic Website

"Walk with Me" Mobile Application Development


Educate young parents about nutrition, child development and their roles as parents  

Service Scope
User interface design
Application (front-end & back-end) development

Functions (end-users)
Study related articles updated by staff
Record the physical changes
Set time intervals for feeding
Mark appointment on calendar
Receive push notification

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iPhone version
Android version

Mannings CRM System Development

Membership System (Manns Card)
Start using in 2010

Exceeded Year 1 (Jul 10 – Jun 11) acquisition targets by more than 200% 
Exceeded Year 1 targets of other key metrics
- Spend per visit
- Spend per customer


7-Eleven CRM System Development

Business model: Franchised
No. of store: >900

Manage other branches via SGCRM
Monitor the operation and activities
Integrate with IP Phone system
Categorize the customer enquiry for follow up
Competitive advantage among other convenience store

(ISC)2 Google Adwords Setting & Optimization

9 Countries, 2 Campaigns

Rank: 1st
99% of website traffic is from Google 
Clicks increased by 571.90%
Conversion Rate: 11.27 %, increased by 758.30%

"Care Your Building" CMS Development

To enhance the awareness of our younger generation, building owners and the public on the importance of building safety, timely maintenance and various building control systems and schemes, the BD has launched a new thematic website "Care Your Building" on 20th December 2013. 

The main contents of the new website include:

What's New
What are Building Works
Owners' Handbook
Care for Building Safety
Information Centre

The new website provides an informative platform with attractive comics and interactive contents which include tailor-made online games and Q&A for common building problems. It introduces the various building control systems and schemes and explains the statutory duties of relevant building professionals and registered contractors in a simple and interesting way. 

With a better understanding on building safety and timely maintenance, we hope to develop a culture of proper care and responsibility to our built environment so as to enhance our standard of living.

We Swiss MOSES NET Development


A start-up business selling air-clean, animals, cleaning, perfumes and repellent products based on essential oils online.

Service Scope
Website design
Payment gateway activated
Back-end management system development

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Product (Categorized; online purchase & payment allowed)
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