What does O2O stand for? It's the most powerful sales model!

O2O commerce, sometimes known as Online-to-Offline commerce, is the newest type of sales promotion model (comparative to B2C, B2B). It draws your online visitors to buy / collect in-store or vice versa, giving you more opportunities to shape the shopper experience.

Our MOSES™ line of solutions is designed to help today’s enterprises to better capture the benefits of O2O commerce and provide an effective way of carrying out day-to-day operations. Products under this series include MOSES™ ERP, MOSES™ NET, and MOSES™ POS.


MOSES™ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is mainly used for managing business resources. The benefits of a centralized system to manage / track sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, product, price, logistics, online store and retail store include improved data accuracy and insight for research and development projects, high speed generation of data reports anytime, anywhere and enhanced workflow and operational procedures


MOSES NET is an intuitive online shop, allowing enterprises to conveniently manage its online products and sales. It’s intuitive for good reason too. The platform is designed with usability in mind – easy to buy, easy to sell. Currently in Hong Kong, we are perhaps the only system that offers the flexibility to integrate with other systems (i.e. MOSES™ ERP and/or MOSES™ POS) as and when the need arises.


MOSES POS (point-of-sale) is a retail management system. It records sales and inventory automatically as and when they happen which the data are far more accurate. Other features include report generation by store (or consolidated report), accounting functions, product and price management, multiple branch / store management functions, and more.


MOSES APP is developed to meet the current trend of mobile shopping. Users can enjoy comprehensive functionalities such as member registration, various, member discounts, coupon redemption, online payment and transaction record trace on an easy-to-use interface. Features such as push notifications can remind users about the latest promotion so as to encourage impulse purchases.