Hi, we’re Smark Global…
and we’re here to make it easier for businesses to go online.

The Smark Global story began ten years ago when 5 former college classmates suddenly dreamed to start an IT business just few years after their graduation.  We started from developing our own online grading platform, Service-MARK, and inviting enterprises to join.  Yet, it is not something we want to see if only people know Internet (I mean, really KNOW) are able to use our service so we decide to switch to a one-stop online solution provider and help businesses to go online.


We make websites and online shops.  We even offer system developments, web design, e-commerce support, online marketing, event management and public relations services.  These are what we do.  But they themselves are only the very last steps in our process.  The sites or products that the world sees are actually the outcome of research, analysis, consultancy, creative directory and development.


We have been growing with our customers (or you may say, partners) and our professional team has delivered services to more than 2,000 organizations in both the non-profit and commercial sectors (education and healthcare, hotel and restaurant, food and beverage, financial, utilities, retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries).  Our self-developed system won Best SME ICT (Product) Silver Award in 2013 and we are also recognized as official partners of Google, Microsoft and PayPal.